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Orfèvrerie d’Anjou surrounds itself with great names in design to create original pieces. The culture and knowledge of Orfèvrerie d’Anjou are put at the service of a constantly renewed design.

Eric Berthès

A contemporary designer with a degree from the École Boulle and Strate, Eric Berthes created the Planet Design agency in 2000, which operates in the world of luxury and new concepts.

Passionate and pragmatic, Eric explores the confines of design to offer L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou collections that are up to date while ensuring the heritage of the last three centuries of the company.

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Ron Arad

Artist, designer and architect of Israeli origin, Ron Arad is known worldwide for freeing himself from the limits and classical codes of design. His creations are of great originality because of their unusual lines. Free and without constraint, he seduces the world of design with works all more surprising than the others. This is the case of the Trio champagne bowl, created for the famous Ruinard champagne brand. Orfèvrerie d’Anjou was entrusted with the realization of this pewter bowl, its knowledge allowed to materialize the daring idea of the designer.

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Raison Pure NYC

The international design agency brings together designers from different fields and backgrounds who interact in an ongoing exchange of limitless possibilities.

The New York office is also home to the R’Pure Gallery, a showcase of Raison Pure NYC’s creative vision – featuring design objects and furniture, as well as the work of emerging artists and designers.

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Joey Pang

A Chinese artist based in Hong Kong, Joey Pang is a talented tattoo artist. She is known for developing a specific brushstroke technique that more closely reflects the paint lines found in Chinese art. She is also known for her detailed painting aesthetic as well as the layering and color techniques found in Asian mythology.

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Principe Actif

Principe Actif was born in 2009 with a desire to weave a link between creation and technique and to associate French craftsmanship to the development of brands.

A desire but also a requirement, those of Catherine and Eric Duchêne who offer expertise and knowledge in a wide range of sectors, from luxury to perfumes and cosmetics, including wines and spirits or B to B.

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