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Orange SosSÖ

A nomadic spirit and a pure design make the SosSÖ pewter cooler collection a true Bestseller.

A patented coloring process makes it possible to offer 10 exclusive colors that you can combine to create original atmospheres.

Purple, blue, green, pink, mother-of-pearl… Choose the color of your SosSÖ Champagne bucket! The best-seller of l’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou revisited in a colorful version for Champagne lovers. A Champagne bucket with a contemporary design, ultra-practical with its handle that allows you to carry it easily, the SosSÖ will accompany you everywhere to transform your Champagne moments into unforgettable moments.

Place your bottle in the bucket, add a few centimeters of crushed ice or ice cubes and you’re done!



Eric Berthès


Bright pewter orange


37 centimeter


22 centimeter

Net weight

2 kilogram


Delivered in its cardboard presentation box signed L'Orfèvrerie d'Anjou.


All products are customizable. Let yourself be seduced by a personalization with your name, your image. For more information, contact us via the online form on the site.


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